Off Site Forklift and Industrial Tyre Replacement

If your forklift rims are damaged or cracked, you are overdue for replacement. Cracking rims are a sign the tyres are past their renewal date.

As a tyre wears down below the 60J line, its carrying capacity is significantly reduced. With less rubber left on the tyre, any impact on the wheel transfers to the rim. The rim then cracks under pressure. It’s wise to ask for a replacement before the tyre reaches the 60J line.

We can easily strip and replace old solid/pneumatic forklift tyres off site. Simply send your tyres to us off the forklift, and we will strip, replace and return them to you. Our goal is to get your vehicles up and running again as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround, allowing you to avoid costly downtime.

Our workshop team will repair and crack test forklift rims to ensure they meet Australian standards and will provide quality replacement tyres suitable for harsh environments.

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