Case Study

Heavy Duty Pre-Made Tyre Valve Extensions

Westate where asked by RioTinto to develop a more robust and heavy-duty tyre valve extension for their large Haul trucks. On the inner wheel positions of heavy dump trucks, valve extensions are made up to various lengths to bring inside tyre valve core to the outside rims of vehicle. This is to allow tyre fitters to inflate and deflate inner tyre position easily from outside of the vehicle’s footprint. Up until now, tyre fitters would be required to fabricate these extensions on site using 7 different brass fittings and an assembly tool. Having these extensions pre-made by Westate eliminates all the downtime associated with this process and eliminates any chance of miss fitment and potential fittings blowing off during operation/inflation. Westate worked very closely with a local company to design a specially made hydraulic style crimp fitting which is crimped onto heavy duty braided hose. They are pressure tested up to 2400PSI. Using these extensions allows the tyre fitters to order just 1 item instead of worrying about keeping stock of 7 different items.