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3500 Ultra Class Tyre Press

Breaking down large OTR Tyres can be time consuming and damaging on tyre handler machinery, and unsafe for tyre maintenance staff. The 3500 Ultra Class Tyre press allows you to break down tyres ranging from 35” up to 63” on site, with the touch of a button.

Our 3500 Ultra Class Tyre Press is used to press down on tyre beads fitted to rims. Over time an Earthmover rim can become ‘welded’ to bead of tyre making it extremely difficult to remove.

The 3500 counteracts this ‘welding’ by pressing down on the tyre bead to ‘Break the Bead.’

In the past a large forklift or tyre handler was used to press down to take the tyre bead, but this often led to machinery damage and raised safety concerns. Our innovative tyre press saves time and money spent sending tyres offsite to get broken down off rims.

Watch the video below to see the 3500 Ultra Tyre Press in action.

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