Case Study

Tyre Chain Spindle System (TCSS)

Another problem we where approached by Rio tinto with, is the massive amount of downtime and risk factor associated with the fitment of large Tyre protection chains. The original process would require workers to be in and around the wheel arch of a large loader and would take up to 10 hours of which the vehicle is not working. Westate designed the Tyre Chain Spindle, which consists of 2 spindle heads which attach to existing tyre handler attachment. It picks tyre and rim assembly up by the gutter band and back flange of rim and simply rolls assembly over a large tyre protection chain laid out on the ground. It allows worker to only work at waist height at all times, and allows fitment of tyre protection chain to tyre and rim whilst off the loader. Its then is stored in large tyre Storage racks to wait until loader is ready for tyre change and simply comes in for a straight swap, instead of waiting for 10 hours for chain to be fitted. It took a Critical work process down to a low risk.